Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dress Up As Disney's Aladdin (Street Rat Costume)

Screenshots of Aladdin's street rat clothing
Are you looking to dress up as Aladdin? Not really a fan of sewing? Well, I've put together an easy list of bits and pieces that will turn you into the perfect mangy street rat! 

Aladdin's most recognisable costume is his city outfit, the raggedy street rat/thief costume. While he does have a fancy Prince Ali costume, you're not going to be able to put that together easily (it's basically just a version of the Sultan costume, and can be bought online).

The Costume Aladdin's most iconic and easily recognisable costume is quite simple.

This Aladdin doll is a
pretty good costume
There is no official version of this costume for sale, so you'll have to make it by hand, commission it or put it together from bits and pieces.

  • He wears whitish or yellowish salwar (or chalwar) pants (you can also look for harem or afghan pants). There is supposed to be large square yellow patch (a.k.a a 'hobo patch') on his pants, just below the right knee. You'll have to add this yourself.
  • A little purple waistcoat or vest.
  • A dark yellow or red belt of cloth (you can easily use a cummerbund) wrapped around his waist
  • A red fez. As everyone knows, fezzes are cool.

If you get cold easily or don't dare walk around bare chested and sexy looking, you can add a pale yellow or white shirt underneath.

The Purple Vest

The Style A740NP High Quality No Pocket Unisex Uniform Vest is pretty much perfect for Aladdin. You can also find it listed as the DayStar 740NP No Pocket Unisex Uniform Vest

If you don't like that one, then there's always the Desert Prince Shirt and Vest.

The Belt

  • This Red Satin Mens Cummerbund is a safe and popular choice.
  • Alternatives: cummerbunds or plain cloth wraps. Can be red, yellow or orange
The Pants

Aladdin wears loose, white (or off white) trousers. The waist doesn't matter, as the sash wraps around the top. You'll need to sew (or stick) your own diamond yellow patch on below the right knee.

If you can't find actually accurate trousers, then the closest option is probably the so called "parachute pants", if you can find them in white (they tend to come in the wrong patterns and range in bagginess, so some are perfect and others are completely wrong. The women's ones are usually the closest).

Aladdin Costumes for Women!

If you want to dress up as a female Aladdin, here are a few more clothing choices (obviously you can still use the items suggested above).

The Hat

Choose A Red Fez Hat!
Honestly, it doesn't really matter what you pick. A fez is a fez. His hat didn't have a tassel, so you can just cut that off when you get the hat.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blind Box Portal Sentry Turrets

Portal 2 Blind Box Turrets from ThinkGeek
Have you seen the little Blind Box Portal Turrets? One of my favourite little collectibles from the Portal games, these little plastic Aperture Science Home Safety Turrets are based off the "alternative" designs featured in Portal 2, which you can see projected onto the walls of one of the lift chambers between levels and of course, this promotional advertisement from Aperture Science.

 Fortunately, Aperture Science no longer markets only to exclusive and secretive investors, but has made their murderously adorably product available on the open market, through Amazon and ThinkGeek.


  • 3 inches high
  • Solid plastic
  • No moving parts
  • Two Series
  • 41 designs
  • Endless bullets

Available in two series, so far, each with some rare and random designs thrown in secretly, the first series features ten patterns that all look to be from the original designs (including the fantastic leopard-spotted Turret King). All ten turrets can be found both open (ready to kill) and closed (waiting), which makes for twenty different versions.

The BullsEye (series 1) and the Invisible Turret (series 2)
...just imagine testing with invisible turrets.

Series 2 is a bigger selection, with thirteen designs, including such glorious turrets as the Rainbow and Sunset, Hot Rod and Bee. It also includes a couple of original designs, such as the brick "Evening at the Improv".

The Bee and the Sunset (series 2)

The Tiger - Raaawrr!
(Series 2)
  • Because they're meant to be random, blind boxed toys, if you want a specific one then you have to pay slightly more. Individual, identified turrets cost $15-20 on Amazon (not counting the rare versions, like this Series 1 Gold), while blind box packs are about $12.
  • On ThinkGeek, they're $5.99 (or four for $19.99, or 24 for $99.99!) for unopened, random turrets.
  • You may be able to throw in a turret as a Points reward on ThinkGeek (if you have already earnt points from a previous order)

More pictures!

I uh, accidentally ended up with an entire extra boxful of turrets (the 12 count Counter top display, which has no repeats!) in my order. Which is why I have so many. Mine! *clings* But this means you get plenty of pictures!

From left: Evening at the Improv (open), Earth, Picnic, Original, Bullseye (open), Rainbow, Classic, and a bunch of blurry ones.

Standing guard next to the Talking Plush Portal 2 Turret [reviewed here]
In order: Lemon, Bee, Bee (open), Sunset (open), Sunburst (open), Bullseye and Invisible (open)
>>Buy from ThinkGeek (unopened, better price)
>>Browse on (opened or unopened, rare versions)

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