Thursday, August 8, 2013

Card Shufflers for Munchkin

Munchkin is a fantasy Dungeons and Dragons parody card game, with nearly endless variants and expansions and special booster packs. The expansions to the base games are extremely worth it, livening up the game for experienced players and bringing all kinds of new twists into things. The later expansions also help balance out the earlier ones.


But if you buy multiple expansions, you're going to have a lot of cards!

The more cards you add to the deck the more difficult it gets to shuffle them. There are three techniques you can employ:

1. Share out the deck and get everyone to shuffle the cards. Gets the whole deck shuffled, but each section still needs shuffling again into the rest of the cards. Rather boring, especially if you're as bad at shuffling as I am, and takes ages.
2. Spread all the cards out onto the table and mix them up. Gets them very shuffled but you need the room to do it, and there's the risk of lost or damaged cards. Also, kind of boring and messy.
3. Buy an automatic shuffler. Costs money, but mixes the whole deck (if you get one big enough!). Not all of them work very well, so check the reviews
To be honest, I laughed mockingly at the idea of spending actual money on a device to shuffle my cards for me, before spending twice the amount on extra Munchkin expansions, but I have learnt the bitter lesson. Endless reshuffling, or weird games in which all the Races are hidden down the bottom, or we pick up a dozen monsters in a row. Or worse, don't see a monster for seven rounds.

Learn from me, kids. Get a card shuffler (or a really gullible assistant with clever, giant, hands).

  • Large Munchkin decks are large. Get a six deck shuffler, if you can.
  • Shufflers are not perfect, but if the bottom and the top halves of the deck can at least be mixed up together, that's going to help a lot.

Both these automatic shufflers have been recommended by people with large Munchkin decks. 

Looking for expansions for Munchkin? Want to learn more about it?

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