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Hobbit and LOTR Sword Letter Openers

See more photos of my Orcrist here!

If you want to own a sword from The Hobbit but can't afford (or risk) a fullsize replica (such as this awesome Orcrist), the letter opener versions from the Noble Collection are fantastic alternatives.

Orcrist (Goblin Cleaver) and Sting are the main swords, available from ThinkGeek and Amazon

Pointy, but not dangerously sharp, these real metal, realistic little weapons are official replicas and true to the film versions. I own Orcrist, because it looked more interesting than Sting, and I keep it in its display box on the mantlepiece, under the Minecraft sword. Except for when I take it out to show it off. It makes people very jealous. It's really beautiful, and it's a sword, so extra awesome.

 Found in a troll hoard on the way to the Misty Mountains by the Dwarves, Orcrist is a legendary sword of ancient elvish make that is taken by Thorin Oakenshield and Sting is a matching dagger that becomes Bilbo's 'sword'. Both glow in the presence of goblins. 
Sting (

The more famous Sting is passed on to Frodo in Lord of the Rings, and looks like a traditional sword. Orcrist remains with Thorin and is buried with him, and has a much more interesting design, with a long, graceful blade evocative of leaves and a curling, onesided handle.

Orcrist (
 They come in a small wooden display box with a clear glass lid and a nice catch, and their name written on the front in the shiniest of lettering, so can be kept in or out of the box. I never remember to use letter openers (that's why we evolved teeth, after all), but it is nearly as good at slicing open letters as it is at hacking off goblin heads.

You can also find Glamdring (Gandalf's sword), Thorin's original Dwarvish sword, and the three troll hoard blades (Glamdring, Sting, Orcrist  as a set on They're much more expensive on the UK site. The three blade set is much better value, for some reason, at less than the price of two separate letter openers.

And then there are the original Lord of the Rings swords: ranging from about the same price to sets and 'collectable' higher prices, including Anduril / Narsil (Aragorn's "blade that was broken"; Narsil was the original sword, Anduril the reforged version), Hadhafang (Arwen's sword), King Theoden's sword and generic orc and elf swords. If you're after the swords, not just a cool letter opener, the six piece set is worth checking out.

Where to buy
Approx. Price: US$30 + shipping (20-30 pounds from; Fifty pounds for the three sword set).


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